Friday, July 3, 2009

Personal Reaction on "DEAD STARS" by Joanne D. Organis

I agree that Dead Stars is a classic story of love and sacrifice. Well, I admit that I'm no fan of Filipino writers, first because I find their story very ordinary and very common at the same time and, there's nothing really significant about their works. It was always in my impression that foreign writers are much better than Filipino writers. Maybe not, I guess because after reading the story, I'm impressed on how well the writer wrote it because some writers just write stories without knowing how will the story go. She focused on the important details and gave life to the characters involved. The important thing that the writer had done was to be able to convey the idea in such a way that the readers will understand it. Although there are vocabulary words that seem unfamiliar, I still managed to understand the gist of the story and that should have been the purpose of it; to fully understand the story. The story is basically a compilation of the complicated circumstances that every man has to go through in life. I found out that life is full of inequities, although possibly not intentionally, it is forced upon everyone by themselves. The will of the mind is stronger than the invisible judge that is society, therefore if one should wish to be different then it is important that they push through with the change. It is important to free one's self, and claim individuality. Hence, I believe, that this story is a remonstration against the present system that we abide by. It is a clear objection to the dehumanization that most members of society suffer from.