Thursday, July 2, 2009

Personal reaction (Dead star)-frenzy azcarraga

-Frenzy Marie L. Azcarraga-

We are
assigned by our Phil. Lit. 1 professor to read the short story written by the pride of Filipino authors, Paz-Marquez Benitez's--the "Dead Star". It is a beautiful and a typical love story which is about the confusions on the relationship between the three characters--Alfredo, Esperanza and Julia.I found out that even you are engaged to your husband/wife-to-be for a long period,there are times that you must have to face some conflicts/ circumstances in your lives, as what happened to Alfredo,Esperanza. After I read the whole article, I realize that it is not easy to fall in love between two person, 'coz it is not easy also to choose and sacrifice between them.It is difficult also to be inlove to a person who you don't know the background of his/her life :).What I learned is that, when the time comes, you have to be careful to enter in this world of "love"